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My Aramco Half Marathon Experience

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

For the past few years I had been volunteering on the medical side for the marathon; this year I decided it would be a great idea to just run the half. I mean why not? I ran one while I was pregnant; that was quite the disaster but I'll save that for another day.

I'd have to say the race was like none other that I've ever done. To my pleasant surprise there were people cheering you on every step of the way. I have to give those people huge props for being out there and braving the crazy cold weather because.....well um I could not do it. My volunteer shifts were spent inside George R. Brown!

I loved how helpful and supportive everyone was; even some of the runners.

Ok now to the nitty gritty; I was in corral D, the absolute last corral. I was cold weather prepared but NOT prepared for the length of time it would take for us to actually be able to start. Luckily I had on a running hoodie that covered my face starting below my eyes which did an amazing job of keeping my nose from running, because well that's just not cute to finish with snot crust on my face in all of my pics.

Once I finally did make it to the start, it was go time! I had not trained other than the random 3 miles I ran the week before; but we're talking about a half marathon here....13.1 miles. The first 3 miles I was doing fine maintaining a steady pace. Mile 4; here come the shin splints. I stopped at a medical station at mile 5 and an awesome MD taped me up and I was on my way. Mile 8: "why does my right butt cheek feel like someone punched me in it?" Mile 10: "OMG!!! Why are we still running?!" Mile 11: "yay! Just 2 more miles, we're almost there. Sweet baby Jesus, why does my butt cheek still hurt? Dammit why is the mile so freaking long?" Mile 12: "1 more mile and it's over. Geezus! This is the longest freaking mile ever. Oh my God. Oh wow there's a lot of people cheering, let me step up the pace. These people are really cheering, I think I have some sprint in my bones. Oh sweet baby jesus yes!!! The finish!! Hallelujah! Ok where's my medal?!"

Yep that's pretty much how my thoughts went.

The day before I purchased some energy jelly beans and hydration #gu. I only ended up needing 2 of the gels and did not even open the jelly beans. There was so much food and hydration a long the course that I barely even needed what I brought, but I'm still glad I had them. Even more I'm so grateful there was food and refueling throughout the course because that was not a luxury my first half.

My goal was to finish in under 3 hours and finished 2:41 which I was actually quite proud of. Hoping to pull of 2:30 for the #disneyprincess Half Marathon in February.

That night my legs felt like they were betraying me, WHY DID THEY HURT SOOOOO BAD?! Despite taking a hot epsom salt bath with green alcohol which I always preach to my patients I had a constant nagging, irritating, annoying, semi burning, aching pain!! Worse than that annoying kid that just won't leave you alone.

Let's talk about the next day.....yea... I was walking like I'd just gotten off of a horse and was walking on hot coals. My ankles hurt thanks to my flat feet and I had this weird pain in my left knee. I still had to work so I had to just make sure to keep moving. I did some therapeutic laser on my knee after I finished my patients and it made a tremendous difference.

All in all my experience was great and I will definitely do it again.

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